January 23, 2017

Redleg Weekly Episode 129 – Life Happens

So it's been a while and unfortunately this is going to mark an early exit to the season for the Redleg Weekly Podcast. Life has gotten a little hectic… [read more]

Redleg Weekly Episode 129 – Life Happens Redleg Weekly Episode 129 - Life Happens

Redleg Weekly Episode 128 – How’d We Get Here

We talk the last 2 weeks including one of the best baseball stories ever. Could this team be good sooner than we thought? Who might we see when call ups… [read more]

Redleg Weekly Episode 128 – How’d We Get Here Redleg Weekly Episode 128 - How'd We Get Here

Redleg Weekly Episode 127 – Redleg Bi-Weekly

We talk the last 2 week of Reds baseball and how this team is different from the first half and how they may be different next year. Sit Back Enjoy and… [read more]

Redleg Weekly Episode 127 – Redleg Bi-Weekly Redleg Weekly Episode 127 - Redleg Bi-Weekly

Redleg Weekly Episode 126 – One Last Bruuuuuuuuuce

After a wild trade deadline Jay Bruce is headed to the big apple, while Cozart is staying put. Homer is back we talk his first game back in what seems… [read more]

Redleg Weekly Episode 126 – One Last Bruuuuuuuuuce Redleg Weekly Episode 126 - One Last Bruuuuuuuuuce

Redleg Weekly Episode 125 – Congratulations Jr.

The Reds take 3 straight series for the first time sense 2014 and the pen looks very good. A non surprising guy is hitting very well and a former Red enters… [read more]

Redleg Weekly Episode 125 – Congratulations Jr. Redleg Weekly Episode 125 - Congratulations Jr.

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