May 23, 2015

Heisey or Ludwick? Why Not Both

Everybody is talking about who is going to play left field for the Reds Chris Heisey or Ryan Ludwick.  I don’t see why we can’t have both of them in the lineup most of the time. It seems Drew Stubbs has been anointed our center fielder no matter what and I don’t understand why.  I understand his speed is nice to have in the lineup, but when you can’t get on base consistently you speed isn’t helpful.

Last year Heisey played 38 less games and had 325 less at-bats but most of his stats were better than Stubbs, his average was 11 points higher, 127 less strikeouts (Stubbs stuck out 1 out of just under 3 at-bats and Heisey struck out 1 out of just over 3.5 at-bats), He also hit 3 more home-runs. Everyone who is a Stubbs supporter will point to his speed as an asset to the team, but even when it comes to steals his is only 80% (Heisey was 6 for 7 in steal attempts).  With the center fielder batting more than likely in the 7th or 8th hole it just seems logical Heisey’s skill set would be more helpful for the team.

When it comes to Ludwick I just think he is far too good of a play to come off the bench. Most people would say that he is a much better player than he has shown in the last couple years, I don’t know what has been wrong but the most common idea is he’s not comfortable being “the guy” which he was asked to be in San Diego and to a certain extent in Pittsburgh. In Cincy he won’t be anywhere close to the “the guy” and I believe he will be back to the player he was.

While I don’t think Stubbs is an everyday player I am glad he’s on the team. Every team in baseball would love to have a player with his speed and fielding ability to come off the bench, plus can you imagine having Stubbs available late in a close game to pitch run that would be a huge advantage.



  1. I agree. I believe Stubbs will start in CF, but with a short leash. He is an unbelievable talent who still needs to grow and mature. Let’s not forget how young he is. That being said, at the first hint of struggling, he should be yanked for a proven commodity. Heisey certainly has earned a shot to play everyday. Let’s see how Ludwick pans out. I hope you’re right about him not wanting to be “the man”. He has the talent, you don’t just forget how to hit the ball. But personally, I like Heisey in LF. Let’s teach Billy Hamilton to play CF…..

  2. How many first round draft picks are “bench” players that come in late in the game as a defensive sub or pinch runner? Stubbs is still young and I haven’t given up on him. As for LF, I think you go with Heisey until he proves you otherwise.

  3. David Brehm says:

    I agree I think Stubbs will start the year in CF, and I hope I’m wrong and cleans up what happened last year cause if he can get his hitting and most of all his strikeouts under control he could be a great asset to the team. I just think the Reds need to be ready with that short leash just in case. I think Heisey will be and should be the LF to start the year but Ludwick should get some decent playing time.