June 20, 2018

Rolen In The Deep

What are you expecting from Scott Rolen in 2012?

Back in 2009 when the Reds traded for Scott Rolen late in the summer just prior to MLB”s non-waiver trade deadline it left me scratching my head, why did they make this move? In fact, I wasn”t the only one thinking that, many of the so called “experts” were wondering the same thing. The Reds weren”t in contention, neither were the Blue Jays. Why make this move?

Well in 2010, we saw why. Scott Rolen”s hot start that season was one of the biggest reasons the Reds won the NL Central. We really only have to point to last year to see what happens when Rolen”s not healthy or performing. Rolen missed much of 2011 with back/shoulder issues and the Reds were left to scramble at third plugging in youngster Juan Francisco who had been tearing the cover off the ball in Louisville. 2011 didn”t go as expected for the Reds but it wasn”t all on Rolen. The Reds offense still managed to finish 2nd in runs scored, finished middle of the pack in team average, 4th in slugging, 5th in OPS. I honestly don”t know how much of an improvement Rolen”s bat would have given the offense.

What should the Reds expect from Rolen in 2012? Can he stay healthy? This will likely be his last year in Cincy with only one year left on his contract and he will be turning 37 this season. I”m hoping casino online he can stay healthy for one more NL Central run. His numbers in 2010 in the first half were outstanding though it was clear in September, the playoffs and all of the 2011 season that Rolen wasn”t “right”.

What are your thoughts on the third base dilemma? Do you stick with Rolen? What if Francisco has a huge spring? Would you start him at third and have Rolen come off the bench in pinch hit/defensive sub rolls? I”d love to hear your thoughts.

Only 4 more days till Pitchers and Catchers report!!! I”m getting Spring Fever!


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  1. Play Rolen as much as he can handle without using him up. He is still our best option. I’m not sold on Francisco, and yes, I know his minor league numbers were good. If he comes in and lights it up, then sweet, we have our heir apparent. I’m pretty sure he is out of options, so more than likely he sticks on the roster. Personally, I’d like to see them develop Frazier at 3rd. Just love his grit and tenacity. Kind of reminds me of Heisey with the way he goes to work and works his ass off.