August 2, 2015

Brandon Phillips Won’t be a Red in 2013


I want to start out by saying I love Brandon Phillips, who doesn’t, but the Reds will not sign BP to a long term deal for the money Brandon wants, and this is one of the rare cases that both sides are right. Brandon is looking to get around 15 million a year and I say to a team with a higher payroll he would be a great addition to their club. The Reds just can’t commit that much money to a second basemen, especially with the depth we have in the minors with middle infielders and the needs we have at other positions. We have Billy Hamilton and DiDi Gregorius ready to step up and I think combining them with Cozart would make an excellent middle of the infield. Plus you have the idea that Nick brought up on the podcast about Todd Frazier moving to second, while I don’t agree with it (I think he’s our 3B after Rolen leaves) it is an idea that I could see the Reds trying. If you look at the pitchers who will be free agents next year who will more than likely make less than 15 million they can help our team more than BP.

Francisco Lirano Estimated 10 Million a year by Bleacher Report
Shawn Marcum Estimated 12 Million a year by Bleacher Report
Dan Haren has an option that’s not expected to be picked up and currently makes 13 million a year

I’d rather have a combo of one of those guys and one of our young guys at second than having BP at second and our rotation as it is, And those are just the guys who will be making closer to what BP will personally I would drop down and get someone a little cheaper to add to the rotation. Also I believe in Heisey but for all of you who don’t Nick Swisher is an Ohio boy and a free agent and some people think the Yanks will try to upgrade, he makes 10 Million this year and I can’t see him commanding more on his next contract.

An added bonus is with Rolen’s contract coming off the books after this year and Aroyyo’s finally next year saving money now will help sign Votto to a long term deal which in the long run will make out team stronger.

I love what BP does for the community and the fans and for another team he is worth 15 per year but the Reds can’t pay for what he does outside of baseball. I will miss him, but I can tell you one thing I will savor every moment of watching him play this year.