July 2, 2015

Jay Bruce and Joey Votto lead the Reds to a series win over the Astros

My Daughter at the Reds game with Dad.

The weather may have been a little iffy, but as it cleared up into a really nice day, the Reds also turned it into a really nice day.

Mat Latos had another rough outing, giving up 10 hits and 5 runs in 6 1/3 innings. He had this to say:

“I felt a little under the weather today,” Latos said. “I was just out there trying to grind for the guys. Thank God the offense picked me up.”

I was at the game, and for a while I feared the offense would not be able to keep the Reds in the game.  After tying the game at 2 and having the Astros hit an almost back breaking 2 run home run followed by a solo shot by a guy who had 2 strikes and kaufen gold wow was batting under .200 for the season at the time.

However, Joey Votto came up big. With a no question line drive home run to tie the game in the 4th, and then a weak but effective double past the diving first baseman that brought in two more, Votto was responsible for keeping the Reds in it. He said:

“I’m still working on finding my swing,” Votto said. “It’s been a little bit difficult so far this year. Finding the barrel has been kind of been fewer and far between, so hopefully I’m headed in the right direction.”

Then my daughters favorite player (as you know if you listen to the podcast) Jay Bruce comes to the plate in the 8th and sends a sky shot to the seats in right center. Bruce”s 4th home run in as many games. Bruce said:

“It’s always good when you come through for your team like that, but obviously I wasn”t the only part of that comeback,” Bruce said. “We’re never out of it.”

The Reds took the series winning two of the three games against the Astros. As long as the Reds can continue to take two in each series this will be a fun season.