May 20, 2018

Off day observations

With the off day and the Reds seemingly on a roll I thought I would take a post to look at how the Reds are faring so far this season.

First, the Reds have arguably the best pitcher in Baseball at the top of their rotation. With a 1.12 ERA, Cueto is the second best staring pitcher in baseball (based on ERA alone.) He has 4 wins compared to the 0 wins Dempster (1.02 ERA) has. Cueto started yesterday in Milwaukee and faced off against Zack Greinke. Both left the game as a shutout and the Reds were able to score two runs in the top of the ninth for the win.


In the last week, Drew Stubbs is batting .360 with 3 doubles and two homeruns. In the last 30 days some other Reds are also getting hot.

  • Joey Votto is hitting .311 with 16 RBI”s
  • Jay Bruce is hitting .302 with 7 homeruns and 18 RBI”s
  • Ryan Hannigan is hitting .321
  • Todd Frazier is hitting a staggering .364

The Reds may have started the season slow, but have come nbso online casino reviews on strong to win 5 of their last 6 series (the 6th being a tie with the Cubs due to a rain delay). A big test comes tomorrow and this weekend as the Reds welcome the Nationals to GABP for a good test.

Some questions I still have about the Reds are at the closer position and left field. I wonder if the Reds can find someone who will occupy the left field position as well as adding some production at the plate.

As for closer, many Reds fans were pretty excited when Cordero was not re-signed this season. Too many times we would be on the edge of our seats as a 3 run lead evaporated in the 9th and winning runs were in scoring positions. The same kind of drama is surrounding the Reds current closer Sean Marshall. It seems he struggles the same way Fransisco Cordero did when trying to close out games.

Lastly, what does the future hold for Aroldis Chapman? Everyone knows you can”t pay a guy that much to be a setup man. At some point a decision will need to be made on what his role with the team is going to be. Starting pitchers Homer Bailey and Mike Leake are struggling and we just mentioned the uncertainty at the closer role.

The Reds are still 3.5 games behind the Cardinals and are in a position where a good series for us and bad for them puts them in the mix at the top. As long as series continue to be won, the Reds are right where we want them to be.