June 25, 2018

Redleg Weekly Episode 49 – We’re Running Out of Tomorrows

The Reds have another tough week and hope the return of a few injured players can put the spark back into this team
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In this week”s show:

Last Week 2-3
Overall 61-51
Division 6.5 Games back of Pitt 4.5 Back of StL (4.5 Games up for 2ed Wild Card)

Tuesday (Lose 4-2 Padres) Latos 6IP 2R 6K, Ondrusek 1IP 1H 2K, Parra&LeCure 8th 3H 2R
Meso & Bruce RBI

Wednesday (Win 4-1 Padres) Bailey 8 2/3IP 6H 1 unearned run(9th) 7K 0BB, Chapman 1K
BP solo HR(3 for 5), Heisey RBI, Votto 2RBI double

Thursday – OFF DAY

Friday (Lose 13-3 Cards) Arroyo 3 2/3IP 8H 7R, Partch 3H 5R 4BB
Votto 3-Run shot

Saturday (Win 8-3 Cards) Cingrani 5IP 4H 3R 5BB 7K, Pen-0H 0BB 6K
Meso 2HR 3RBI, Choo 2-Run HR, Hannahan 2RBI single, BP RBI double

Sunday (Lose 15-2 Cards) Leake 5IP 7R, Ondrusek 0IP 3H 2R, Simon 1IP 0H, Villarreal 2IP 3H 2R, LeCure 1IP 5H 4R
Cozart 2-run shot in 2ed

Monday – OFF DAY

Players With A Good Last Week:

Cozart – .467, HR, 2RBI
Votto – .417 avg, .667 OBP, 5RBI, 9BB
Meso – 2HR 4RBI

Brox Back tomorrow
Hanny back sometime this week
Ludwick Rehab up on sunday

50 Games
Nelson Cruz
Everth Cabrera Padres
Jhonny Peralta Tigers
A-Rod Gets 211 Appeals
Former Red Yasmani Grandal get no more punishment

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