May 20, 2018

Can the Reds make a run at the division?

If the season ended today, the Reds would have a spot in the one game playoff for the post season. Any playoff baseball is good, but the Reds want to also make some noise by taking their division.

Currently the Reds are 2 games because the Cardinals and 6 games behind the Pirates. Popular belief is the Pirates will eventually fade, so as the Reds look to put some wins together, they could be helped by the historic collapses of the Pirates.

The Cardinals are the Reds biggest rival, and with only a two game lead are well within striking distance for the Reds.  In the next few weeks the Reds have two series against the Brewers and one against the Cardinals. They also have a three game stretch with the Cardinals. The Cards on the other hand need to play the Pirates and the Braves before their series with the Reds. Smart money is on the Reds to close the gap in the next two weeks. If you want to bet on any of the Reds games, head over to where you can find all the best US sportsbooks.

I think in three weeks time the Reds will have second place in this division and probably be only 2 or three games behind the Pirates. If all goes well, they could actually have the division lead by then.