June 25, 2018

Redleg Weekly Episode 54 – See Billy Run


The Reds go 5-2 but should have done better, missed opportunities in an extra inning game and not being able to score on the Cubs result in our only loses. On a goo dnote we swept the Dodgers and moved up to 2 back of fist in the NL Central
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In this week”s show:

Last Week 5-2
Overall 82-63
Division 2 back of St. Louis, 1 Back of Pitt.

Tuesday (Win 1-0 Cards) Bailey 7IP 2H 8K, Chapman Ks 1st 3 in 9th
Billy Hamilton Runs for Ludwick Steals and scores on Frazier double in 7th

Wednesday (Lose 5-4 Cards in 16) Arroyo 7IP 3R 2ER Simon & Ondrusek give up 2R in 5IP
BP solo shot and double only 2 EBH, Choo Cozart also RBI

Thursday – (Win 6-2 Cards) Cingrani 5.1IP 4H 2R 7K Pen gives 1H in 3.2IP
Frazier 2 solo HR, Choo & Bruce Solo shots BP RBI

Friday (Win 3-2 Dodgers)Leake 7.2IP 5H 2R, Chapman Ks 1st 3 in 9th
Votto 2-Run HR, other run scores on bases loaded double play

Saturday (Win 4-3 Dodgers) Latos 7IP 9H 3R 3K, Pen only guves up 1H(in 10th)

Isturus 3-5 w/ RBI Bruce Ludwick and Frazier RBI (Frazier knocks in BH after SB for Ludwick)

Sunday (Win 3-2 Dodgers) Bailey 7IP 6H 2R 9K Pen 0H Chapman 2K in 9th
Bruce 2 Solo Shots, Hanny doubles in Cozart in 9th

Monday (Lose 2-0 Cubs) Arroyo 7IP 2R(solo shots), Pen 0H
Votto & Cozart both have 2H

Players With a Good Week

Choo .429 avg .625 obp 4R 1HR 2RBI
Bailey 14IP 8H 2R 1BB 17K
Chapman 5IP 2SV 1H 0R 1BB 11K

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