September 16, 2014

Redleg Weekly Episode 72 – Hey Now You’re An All-Star


The Reds have 4 All-Stars and gain some ground on the Brewers so all in all a good week. Also Votto back on the DL and Bruce playing a new position.
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In this week”s show:

4-3 Last week + 1st of double header today
47-42 Overall
4.5 back of the Brewers & .5 back of St. Louis
Brewers went 1-5 last week

David Holmberg (22) starts 2ed of double header (Hanny Trade) 5.28ERA in 10 AAA Games Only real option on the 40

Votto back to the DL (Bruce Plays 1B) “Probably not a 10-15 day injury” -Price
Barnhart Up

4 All-Stars Meso, Frazier, Cueto, Chapman (2.55 ERA 24.2IP 47K)
Simon (tied for most W in MLB 2.78ERA) & Broxton(.62 ERA in 19IP 19K) Snubs?

Chapman 37 straight appearances with a K (Reds record)(MLB record 39 Bruce Sutter)

Meso & Frazier .368 and .360
B-Ham & Bruce combine 11RBI (Rest of the team had 8)*5 by Meso and Frazier

Player of the week
Brox, Chapman, Diaz, Hoover, LeCure, Parra 7.2IP 0R 3H 5K

3 vs. Cubs
3 vs. Pirates

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