June 20, 2018

Redleg Weekly Episode 105 – The Ls Pile Up


The Reds extend the their losing streak to 9 and the youg pitchers start to show fatigue. Byrd gets moved and some guys get called up both fresh and names we know. Sit Back Enjoy and Go Reds!

In this week’s show:

Last week 0-6 (9 Ls in a row)
Overall 51-71

BHam 15-Day DL / Axelrod to AAA – Boesch and Lecure Called up
Byrd Traded to SF for RHP LeMarre Called Up
Manny Parra 15-Day DL Collin Balester RHP UP (29)
Purchased contract from Pitt on June 19th 2.05 ERA in Louisville

Royals 0-2
Iglesias 7IP 3H 0R 3K 1BB Game went 13 after Chapman gives up HR to tie in 9th Mattheus gives up 2 in 13th without recording a out
Sampson 3.1 IP 9H 4R Pen- 5.2IP 2H 0RE 5K (LeCure 0H 2K 2IP)

D-Backs 0-4
Lamb 5.1IP 9H 3R 8K 0BB
Holmberg 5IP 11H 5R (LeCure 2IP 0H 2K)
DeSclafani 5Ip 6R 4K Pen gives up 5 more in 4IP
Iglesias 7IP 3H 2R 1ER 3BB 13K Jumbo gives up 2 in 8th

Last Week
Votto .368 2HR

Make up Game vs. Det
3 vs. Dodgers
3 @ Brewers
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