June 20, 2018

Redleg Weekly Episode 107 – What To Do With Suarez

August is finally over and it was not kind to the Redlegs who only managed 8 wins. Suarez continues to play well, what do the Reds do with him when cozart comes back? BHam headed to AA to rehab should they even bother bringing him back? Sit Back Enjoy and Go Reds!

In this week”s show:

Last week 3-3
Aug. 8-21
Overall 56-79

Cubs 2-1
Lorenzen 4.2IP 6H 5R Reds score 6R in 9th to win
Suarez & Duvall (first AB) HR
DeSclafani 5.2IP 4H 3R 7K
Votto & Suarez HR
Iglesias 7IP 3H 2R 10K
Votto(3 run) & casino online Bourgeois HR

Brewers 1-2
Fri PP played DH on Sat
Lamb 5.2IP 9H 6R Suarez 2RBI
Sampson 3IP 5H 3R 3BB Duvall HR
Lorenzen 5.1IP 8H 2R
Bruce 3/5 HR 999hits BP HR

Hoover last 2 3R

Suarez 2HR 6RBI Last Week
.288 11HR 41RBI in 271AB

BHam beginning rehab stint in AA

3 vs, Pirates
4 vs. Cards
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