June 20, 2018

Redleg Weekly Episode 114 – Back To Earth


2 weeks 2 very different outcomes, after a 5-1 week the Reds go 1-5 and the pitching looked really poor. There are however a couple bright spots and some guys could be coming back soon. Sit Back Enjoy and Go Reds!

In this week’s show:

Last week 1-5

Finnegan – 6.2IP 1H 2R 5BB 5K / 5IP 4H 4R 4BB 2K
Iglesias – 5 IP 6H 3R 2BB 2K
Melville – 3IP 6H 7R 6ER 3BB 2K
Simon – Start- 0.2 IP 4H 5R 3BB Relief – 1IP 3H 4R 3ER 1K
Moscot – 5.2 IP 6H 3R 1BB 2K 2HR

Homer & Lamb both pitched extend spring training could rehab start soon

Hoover 1.1 5H 7R 6ER 4BB

Cotham- 0ERA 6IP 3BB 2K (season)
Blake Wood – 1.35 ERA 6.1IP 4H 1R 3BB 4K (Season)
Strailey – 3.24 ERA 8.1IP 3H 3R 4BB 8K (season) could start in place of Melville

Saturday – 9 doubles from 7 guys

Cozart – .500 (season)

BHam – .185 1SB
Meso – .148 0HR

3 vs Cubs
4 vs Cubs

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