June 20, 2018

Redleg Weekly Episode 118 – It’s Just Bad


Stop me if you’ve heard this before we go away for 2 weeks and so do the reds 2 wins in 2 weeks even for a bad team is hard to swallow. We talk how some old names continue to not perform and some new names who hopefully will. Sit Back Enjoy and Go Reds!

In this week’s show:

Last week 2-10
Overall 15-29

Dayan Diaz
A.J. Morris
Josh Smith

Pirates 1-1 Runs 7-7
3 Solo shots in W (pen 1H 0R in 3IP)
Pirates 4HR and 6 total HBP (price 1 game Ohlendorf 3 games)

Phillies 1-2 Runs 14-11 (scored 9 in win)
Strailey 5IP 0R in win Pen 4IP 4R 3 RBI Suarez 2 RBI Cozart

Indians 0-4 Runs 16-43
Lamb 4IP 10H 7R Pen 4IP 9H 8R
Simon 4.1IP 14H 10R
Bruce 2 HR Wednesday
Adleman 3.1IP (INJ) 3H 2R Cotham 1.2IP 4H 4R

Mariners 0-3 Runs 7-17
Strailey 6IP 4H 1R WOOD 2H 4R w/o recording an out

Strailey – 3Starts 17IP 14H 3R 9BB 15K
Simon – 3Starts 15.1IP 26H 18R 6BB 6K
Finnegan – 9.2IP 12H 7R 6ER 5BB 10K
Adleman – 8.1IP 11H 5R 5BB 4K
Lamb – 10IP 16H 11R 10ER 5BB 3K

Daniel Wright – Will Start Tues AA&AAA .79 ERA 32K in 34IP (last time out CG 3H 8K)

Lorenzen eligible June 2ed could be in pen

3 vs. Dodgers 3 @ Brewers

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