May 20, 2018

Redleg Weekly Episode 121 – Wait He’s Back & Good?


Another debut and this one went pretty well. Could the MLB leader in HR be left off the All-Star team? Could the Reds actually be something as soon as next year? Also a face is back and he actually was good. Sit Back Enjoy and Go Reds!

In this week’s show:

Last week 3-4
Overall 27-43

Wright – 3IP 6H 5R 3ER 1BB (Wood & Cingrani 3IP 0H)
Duvall 2run HR 3RBI Bruce 2RBI triple

Finnegan 6IP 4H 1R 3BB 5K Hoover 2IP 0H
Bruce 3-run HR (all reds runs in 3-1 win)

(13) Disco – 2.2IP 6H 4R 1ER 3BB 2K
Pen (- simon) 8.1IP 8H 2R Simon 1IP 5H 3R 2BB

Strailey – 4.1IP 7H 6R 3BB 5K
Duvall Solo HR BP RBI only 2 runs

(11) Lamb 5.1IP 3H 1R 4BB 8K Pen 5.2IP 5H 1R(Hoover 2IP 1H 0R)

(11) Reed 7IP 6H 4R (2 2run HR) 3BB 9K Josh Smith 3.1IP 7H 1R
Cozart & Duvall (20) HR

Finnegan – 5IP 4 3BB 1K Pen 3IP 3H 2R
Reds 5H 1EBH

Duvall – 20 HR on Season Tied for MLB Lead

Sign top 4 picks all but 1st over value (rd 7 value 231,900 paid 5000)

Tyler Mahle No Hitter Daytona (2015 Reds MiLB player of the year
6K 2.50ERA on season 2.43ERA last year

Votto – .407 Last week .543 on base

2 @ Rangers 4 vs. Padres

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