May 20, 2018

Redleg Weekly Episode 123 – Bad Pitching & Free Baseball


We had some technical difficulties but so do the Reds so it fits. The Reds got extra poor pitching performances this week and played a lot of free base ball and those 2 things don’t lead to a great result. Happy 4th of July!!! Sit Back Enjoy and Go Reds!

In this week’s show:

Last week 1-6
Overall 30-53

Hoover Down – Sampson Up

Strailey – 3.2IP 9H 7R 3BB 2K Pen 5.1 IP 8H 4R (5 Total HR)
Bryant 3HR Arrieta HR Votto 2HR

(15) Lamb 6IP 6H 2R 1BB 7K
Iglesias, Cingrani, Smith, Wood – 8IP 0H 0R 4BB 6K Hoover 1IP 3H 5R

Reed 4IP 9H 7R 0BB 5K Sampson 2.2IP 3H 2RF 4BB 3K
Duvall HR

Finnegan 2.1IP 5H 8R 5BB 2K Smith 1.2IP 4H 5R Lorenzen 3IP 1H 0R
Votto HR

(14) Disco – 6.2IP 6H 2R 2BB 8K Iglesia & Cingrani 4.1IP 2H 0R Olendorf 2.2 IP 2H 1R

(10) Straily 7IP 2H 3R 3BB 5K Wood, Smith, Jumbo – 3IP 1H 1R
Duvall double and 2RBI Reds score 5 in 10th

Lamb 4.1IP 8H 8R 4BB 5K Sampson 2.2IP 5H 3R

Barnhart .450 2R 3 doubles 4RBI
Votto .348 5R 2 doubles 3HR 4RBI
Duvall 4 doubles 1HR 7RBI
Cingrani & Iglesias 8IP 1H 0R 4BB 6K

Alfredo Rodriguez – #6 international prospect 7mill SS
Jay Bruce willing to wave no trade in right situation

3 @ Cubs 3 @ Marlins

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