June 25, 2018

RLW Episode 30 – Not a Whole Lot of Questions

It"s been a long offseason but Spring Training is here! We"re excited to bring the podcast back Reds fans and if this season is going to be anything like 2012, it"s going to be a fun ride! … [Read more...]

RLW Episode 29 – Season Review

THAT"S why you play the game. After going up 2-0 in San Francisco last weekend, the Reds traveled home to Great American Ballpark needing just one win. A place where they held the best home record in the majors. Did I mention it was a place where they simply had to win one game out of three. ONE GAME. We know how it ended. It may just have been the worst week in Cincinnati sports history. Couple … [Read more...]

RLW Episode 28 – Two Down Nine More to Go

How many of you saw the Reds heading out west to start the 2012 Postseason and thought they"d win two games at AT&T Park? I know I didn"t. Especially with the way the offense was performing over the last 3 weeks of the season. Then Johnny Cueto lasts all of 8 pitches in Game 1. Yeah, 8! Still the Reds find themselves with a commanding lead as they head home Tuesday for Game 3. … [Read more...]

RLW Episode 27 – 2012 NL Central Champs

Congratulations to the Cincinnati Reds! The Reds clinched their 10th division championship with a 6-0 victory over the LA Dodgers on Saturday afternoon. It was a very interesting weekend to say the least. Obviously there were some things beyond people"s control however at least every one now knows about the TV show "Cruise In". … [Read more...]

RLW Episode 26 – We're Almost There!

The Reds went a quiet 5-2 last week sweeping their NL Central rivals Pittsburgh essentially ending all hope of a division title for the Buccos. Despite losing 2 out of 3 to the Miami Marlins in the fishtank, the Reds managed to drop their Magic Number to 5 games giving them a chance to clinch a postseason birth this week potentially in Wrigley Field. … [Read more...]

RLW Episode 25 – Is the Season too Long?

After going 2-4 last week against teams below .500, the Reds kickoff a big series in Cincy with a win over the Pirates Monday night. We recorded episode 25 on Sunday night, fresh off the Reds 5-1 loss to the Astros. … [Read more...]

RLW Episode 24 – Who is Next?

Last week wasn"t the best week for the Reds splitting one series in Philly and losing 2 out of 3 to those dreaded Cards. But the bright side is that they"re still just 2 losses behind the Nationals for the best record in baseball. Who would have thought? … [Read more...]

RLW Episode 23 – Brother-ly Love

Everyone by now has heard the stories of Ryan Ludwick"s "brother" so its fitting that the Reds are now kicking off a series in Philly. The next 4 games are going to be tough for the Reds as they go up against Halladay, Lee and Hamels. … [Read more...]

RLW Episode 22 – I’m Pretty Tired I Think I’ll Go Home Now

Well last week wasn"t the best in Reds history both on and off the field however they managed to pick their game back up and took 3 of 4 against the Cubbies. We had a very special guest join us as well on the podcast. Kristine from the Fox Sports Ohio Girls … [Read more...]

RLW Episode 21 – Reds Keep Rollin

The Reds took two out of three against the Pirates last weekend and three out of four against the Padres which extended their run of wins to 22 out of their last 26 games. That is insane! Only one other Reds team had previously won 22 out of 25, the 1975 Big Red Machine. Go figure. … [Read more...]