May 20, 2018

Are the Reds the best in baseball?

In the last 10 games, yes. Everyone knows the baseball season is a long race. There are about 40 million games that gives teams a chance to show what they really are. Going into the season we knew the Reds were a good team. A couple of offseason moves got fans excited about the pitching and the offensive power potential the Reds had. Also, we had Joey Votto. This was the one player that could … [Read more...]

Baseball: Keeping on Top of Things

If you"re always falling behind when trying to find out what the Redlegs are up to, then it"s not impossible to solve this particular issue. All you need is a computer with internet access, this site, and a few other tools to ensure you never miss a bit of news or a game again. So read on, as we list some of the best resources (next to us, of course) that you can use to stay on top of the latest … [Read more...]

The Reds take over the top spot

how to get a girlfriend The first place Reds! All they had to do to get here was sweep a first place Atlanta Braves team in 4 games. Yeah, a 4 game sweep of the braves to launch your Cincinnati Reds into first. A half game above the Cardinals and another 4 games above 3rd place Houston. The Braves have lost their last 6 games at GABP. This alone is outstanding. The Braves have been a thorn in the … [Read more...]

Reds getting beat up in the Big Apple

The road trip started off ok, splitting with the Braves and then for a moment it looked like the Reds could have swept the Mets.  Then a bunch of runs were given up by guys that just don't give up runs (Lurch and the Missile). So many fans thought by splitting this road trip at 3 and 4 would be a success, I was hoping for the opposite.  A 4 and 3 atoledo road trip would have set the Reds up … [Read more...]

All Star Game in Cincinnati

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Without Looking Desperate With the announcement of the Mets receiving the All Star game for next year I’ve been thinking, ok maybe stewing over the fact that the Reds haven’t received one in the new ball park. It seems like most teams get an All Star game soon after they build a new stadium but Great American was opened in 2003 and still hasn’t gotten one. I don’t … [Read more...]

Huge win on the road against the Braves

There is a mystery around Homer Bailey. Some fans scream for his head while others are optimistic that he is going to come around. Last night Homer faced an Atlanta Braves team that is one of the hottest in baseball. They just finished sweeping the Cardinals and in the process scored 23 runs. I was nervous that the Braves bats were going to crush Bailey. However, Bailey comes out and throws a … [Read more...]

Can one bat keep you in the game?

In steps Joey Votto, already has two home runs and a double in the game. The Reds are down one in the bottom of the ninth and the bases are loaded. 2 balls and 2 strikes and Joey casino gets a high fastball. Walk off grand slam. VIDEO On a day when most of the Reds were struggling at the plate, Votto comes through with 4 hits (3 home runs and a double) and 6 RBI"s. The Reds also picked up a game … [Read more...]

Off day observations

With the off day and the Reds seemingly on a roll I thought I would take a post to look at how the Reds are faring so far this season. First, the Reds have arguably the best pitcher in Baseball at the top of their rotation. With a 1.12 ERA, Cueto is the second best staring pitcher in baseball (based on ERA alone.) He has 4 wins compared to the 0 wins Dempster (1.02 ERA) has. Cueto started … [Read more...]

I Think This Landed in Green Bay

If you haven't seen this home run by Jay Bruce, you need to click this link now. … [Read more...]

The Reds move on to the next town

After taking two of three from the Pirates, the Reds find themselves 2.5 games behind the Cardinals in the division and 1 game over .500. Mat Latos looked shaky from the start. After loading the bases in the first with two walks and a hit batter, he had to pitch his way out of the jam with 1 out in the inning. After that Latos caught fire and ended up with 11 strikeouts and no runs, another solid … [Read more...]