May 20, 2018

RLW Episode 09 – How Great is our Pitching?

The bats for the Cincinnati Reds went quiet on Saturday night vs. the Pirates but they came to life Sunday afternoon as the Reds won 5-0 and took the series from Pittsburgh. Mat Latos struck out a career high 11 batters on Sunday and looked like the frontline starting pitcher the Reds traded for this offseason. … [Read more...]

RLW Episode 08 – The Bats Have Finally Woken Up

The bats for the Cincinnati Reds have finally woken up! Jay Bruce just won NL Player of the Week honors! Joey Votto"s turning things around, Rolen had 2 HR"s this week and Drew Stubbs was a whole new ballplayer this week! … [Read more...]

That's The Reds We Remembered

How about that Reds fans? Mat Latos in his 2nd start in GABP shuts down the San Francisco Giants as the Reds rout their NL West foes 9-2 at Bark in the Park Night in Cincinnati! paper writing After getting roughed up in his first two outings, Latos showed Reds fans tonight why the front office traded their best prospects for him. Latos went … [Read more...]

RLW Episode 07 – Home Sweet Home

The Reds are FINALLY home after a 10 game roadie where they went 4-6 but they did wrap it up by taking 2 of 3 from the Cubbies. This week we had Jason Harbison of the Redleg Radio Report join in the fun to talk about the 2012 Reds! … [Read more...]

The Bats are back and sad day for Cincy Fans

Almost all of the Reds hit yesterday against the Cubs. Drew Stubbs who has been having a tough beginning to the season had 3 hits and 2 stolen bases. Bruce and Mesoraco both added two hits themselves and the Reds cruised to a 5 run victory.  The Reds have won two games in a row with a chance to end this road trip at 5 and 5 with a sweep of the Cubs. This is the kind of output I was excited for at … [Read more...]

RLW Episode 06 – A Taxing Ten Games

Last week wasn"t your best example of Reds baseball, losers of 2 out of 3 vs the Cardinals, losers of 3 out of 4 against the Nationals. At 4-6, this couldn"t possibly have been the start Bob Castellini and Walt Jocketty were expecting. The Reds offense is in shambles, but hey at least they"re pitching! … [Read more...]

Was Sunday a slump buster?

I heard an interview with Joey Votto over the weekend and he talked a little bit about the Reds bats. He mentioned how they were in a slump and all it takes is one hit to end a slump. Maybe the Reds got those hits on Sunday. In narrowly avoiding a sweep by the Nationals, some of the biggest slumpers currently for the Reds came up big. Scott Rolen was on base when Ludwick smacked a grand slam in … [Read more...]

A Wild loss for the Reds

Well, not really. The Reds lost on a wild pitch, a stinking wild pitch. I guess it could be worse, the closer could have beaned the last two batters to end the game like the Royals closer did. No what irks me is the lack of offense that is being produced, and the terrible at bats the Reds are having.  Drew Stubbs continues his quest for the K adding 3 more strikeouts today (one on 3 called … [Read more...]

RLW Episode 05 – There's Always Money In The Banana Stand

Another week, another Reds player signs a long term big money extension! This time its DatDude, aka Brandon Phillips for 6 more years and 72.5 million large! … [Read more...]

First #ATOBTTR of the Year

For those of you reading this post you may be wondering what the heck #ATOBTTR means. It"s my lame attempt to get "And This One Belongs to the Reds" trending on Twitter. Whether it trends or not isn"t entirely the point but it"s nice to hear those great words from Marty again in his 39th year with the Reds. … [Read more...]