June 25, 2018

RLW Episode 28 – Two Down Nine More to Go

How many of you saw the Reds heading out west to start the 2012 Postseason and thought they"d win two games at AT&T Park? I know I didn"t. Especially with the way the offense was performing over the last 3 weeks of the season. Then Johnny Cueto lasts all of 8 pitches in Game 1. Yeah, 8! Still the Reds find themselves with a commanding lead as they head home Tuesday for Game 3. … [Read more...]

RLW Episode 12 – NL Central is Reds to Lose

In a way I"m thankful that Fox decided to show the Yankees Tigers game here in Northwest Ohio last night because I would have broken two remotes throwing them across the room during the 12-9 win over the Astros. It also allowed David and I to record Episode 12!. Plus we"re also joined by fellow SPNT.tv podcaster Scott Eiland from The Baseball Experience Podcast. … [Read more...]